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The following are links to friends' pages, photo instruction, photo sharing and critique, and just about everything else that I have found useful when it comes to photography on the Internet. I prefer sites that rely on the quality of their content, rather than flashy graphics or javascript, to keep readers interested.

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General photography sites

  • Nature Photographers Online Magazine
    NPN has grown from a small monthly online publication to the premier nature photography site on the Internet. Besides the monthly magazine articles, NPN includes several photography forums for readers to share and critique their own photos. A visit is worthwhile just to see these photographs. Mixed amongst the amateurs and budding professionals are some of the top landscape and wildlife photographers in the business. Jim Erhardt and his wife Donna are the founders and editors.
    Run by my friends Greg Downing and Heather Forcier, Naturescapes is dedicated to discussion of the art and technique of nature photography. It has an excellent collection of monthly articles and dynamic photographer forums. It is one of the few sites I check every day.
    Originally designed by MIT professor and Internet guru Philip Greenspun as a grad school pet project, this is the largest photography site on the Internet. It is a virtual community of amateur and professional photographers sharing photos and discussing common interests. It has been up nearly as long as the Internet itself, archiving discussions the whole time. As a result, it is loaded with information about equipment, technique, and locations.
  • Qiang Li's Photo Critique Forum
    An image-based photo forum designed to let participants upload photos and critique those uploaded by others.
  • Medium Format Camera Homepage
    A library of medium format camera reviews, instruction, and links.
  • A Large Format Homepage
    Quang-Tuan Luong's page is the leading site on the Internet for large format photography. The site includes primers, how-to articles, user's reviews of equipment, and technical discussions.
  • Large Format Photography
    I am a moderator at this bulletin board for asking and answering questions regarding large format photography.
  • Luminous Landscape
    Michael Reichmann's contribution to the Internet, it includes tutorials and articles on all aspects of photography. Reichmann leans heavily on the digital side of image processing and has a bit too great an affinity for the latest and greatest gadgets, but I still enjoy the site.
Friends' Pages
  • Arthur Morris / Birds As Art
    Web site of celebrated bird photographer Arthur Morris. I was lucky to have gone shooting with Artie for a few days while he was here in Washington, DC. He is an outstanding teacher as well as a photographer, and he has boundless energy. To bird and wildlife photographers interested in attending instructional courses, I would highly recommend Artie's Instructional Photo Tours.
  • Bird Photos by Rich Ditch
    Rich is one of the most knowledgeable birders I've run across, and I have met many since I became interested in photography. When Rich lived in New Jersey, he was very active with the local birding societies, so he is especially knowledgeable about East Coast birds. Because of this, whenever I have an identification question, I take it to Rich. His website should appeal to birders and photographers alike.
  • Bob Atkins Photography
    Actually, I don't know that I could count Bob as one of my friends, but he is an Internet acquaintance, at least. Bob is the forum moderator of the nature pages of
  • California Pictures
    Dale Proctor is a native of SoCal, and he shoots stock photography of that beautiful state. His site features a very long stock list.
  • Daniel P. Creighton Photographic
    Dan is a photojournalist in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Besides shooting the news, Dan is an outstanding nature photographer, and he participates regularly at
  • Danny Burk Photograhpy
    Danny is a large format fine art photographer in Indiana. He is a gifted photographer, and I am especially grateful to him for his support and inspiration when I was getting started in large format photography. Visit his site if you want to browse or purchase excellent fine art prints for your home. Photographers take note: Danny teaches workshops and also has his own drum scanner. He will make professional scans of your film for a reasonable price.
  • Don Baccus Photography
    Another patriarch of, Don is an excellent wildlife photographer.
  • E.J. Peiker, Nature Photographer
    EJ has some incredible photos. In particular, check out his index page (each month, he chooses a new favorite shot for this "cover page") and also his avian gallery.
  • Gloria Hopkins Photography and Painting
    Gloria is a longtime friend who is an exceptional artist. It is said that most photographers are frustrated painters, skilled at composition but with poor drawing and painting skills. Gloria breaks the mold, as both an expert photographer and painter.
  • Graf Nature & Wildlife Photography
    Mark and Lisa Graf are nature and wildlife photographers from Michigan I met through The index page of their site has one of the coolest Javascript slide shows I've seen. Mark and Lisa are SCUBA certified, and the site includes an extensive collection of underwater photographs.
  • Greg Downing Photography
    Greg is one of the nice guys of the professional bird photography world. Besides taking photos and leading photo tours, Greg is currently a succesful contractor in Maryland and the founder of
  • Imaginature
    The website of André van Huizen, a travel and nature photographer from the Netherlands.
  • Jeff Franko
    Jeff is an outstanding professional portrait and commercial photographer based in Arlington, Virginia. He shot my wedding. I was extremely picky, and interviewed many professionals who came highly recommended but did not have particularly impressive portfolios. Jeff was clearly the best of the bunch, and his prices are reasonable, considering his talent. If I needed an event photographed or a portrait done in the Washington area, Jeff is the guy I'd call.
  • Jeff Spirer - Seeing in the Light and Dark
    Jeff is a street photographer I know from back in my days at the Photocritique Forum. He shoots mainly in black and white, but his color work is interesting, particularly his images of Mexico.
  • Prashant and Teju Khapane
    Prashant is a talented medium and large format photographer from southwest India. His wife Tejaswita is an artist. Browse their site to see her drawings and paintings, and his collection of excellent landscape and travel photography.
  • Steve Frederick Photography
    I met Steve one day at Chincoteague, and enjoyed shooting with him that afternoon. He specializes in underwater photography, and also shoots general nature photography.
  • Tom Grubbe's California Seascapes
    Tom is an inspiring photographer. It is his impressive Pentax 67II slides, more than anything else, that makes me want to buy a medium format camera. Tom resides in San Jose, and primarily shoots the majestic Big Sur cliffs and the California coastline. I have been out to Northern California just two times so far, but have made it a point to look up Tom each time I visited.
Digital photography sites
  • Articles by Dan Margulis
    Photoshop articles written by Dan Margulis, the leading expert on color correction and pre-press image editing. Dan is the author of the outstanding Professional Photoshop: The Classic Guide to Color Correction, the definitive book on digital color correction.
  • Digital Photography Review
    A digital camera review site run by Phil Askey. It has the latest news and reviews, as well as very active forums for digital camera enthusiasts.
  • National Association of Photoshop Professionals
    The homepage of Photoshop User magazine, filled with image editing tutorials and articles.
    A repository of digital essays and instructional articles, edited by my friend Uwe Steinmueller.
  • Rob Galbraith's Site
    News, articles, and reviews geared toward digital photojournalists (which is the vast majority of journalists these days).
  • Steve's Digicams
    This site is a bit of a throwback to the Internet of yesterday. It has dated graphics and banners, but loads quickly and has lots of useful information. Somehow Steve seems to get breaking news and reviews of digital cameras sooner than any other site on the Internet.
Photography Retailers, Labs, and Miscellaneous Links
  • Adorama Camera
    A large camera retailer with reasonable prices based in New York.
  • American Frame
    The place I buy frames, mat boards, and framing supplies. I have to admit that I am getting a little tired of making custom frames, though, and I am considering instead buying standard frame sizes in bulk from Wal-Mart or a similar retailer.
  • B&H Photo
    Generally acknowledged as the best camera retailer in North America, B&H has excellent prices and generally good service. I used to buy all of my film and most of my camera equipment from B&H, which is based in Manhattan. Today, B&H gets about half of my business, the other half going to Gary at Hunt's Photo (see the below note). Here's a tip: if you order from B&H over the phone, know exactly what you want. The telephone sales personnel handle an extremely high call volume, and they have the patience typical of most New Yorkers.
  • Better View Desired
    A site for birders, this is the best place to learn about binoculars and birding optics.
  • Gary Farber at Hunt's Photo: 1-800-221-1830 x2332 or
    "Film Guy Gary" at WB Hunt's Photo in Massachusetts is a true class act. After seeing many recommendations from other photographers who were satisfied customers, I decided to give Gary a call for my next 4x5 Quickload order. Gary was able to beat B&H's prices. Today, I prefer to order film from Gary and he is the only one I will call for hard-to-find "wait list" items like the Canon 5D II or the Epson Stylus Pro 4000, both of which Gary was able to get for me quickly and easily.
  • Norman Koren's Photography Page
    Norman Koren has written several photography articles and tutorials. His explanation of how sharpening affects MTF curves is the best on the web. Of course, this sort of thing appeals only to real technophiles.
  • Penn Camera
    One of the preferred photo labs among professionals in the District, Penn is where I get all of my film processed. They have locations all over the metro area. If you wonder why your drug store photos don't look so great, try spending a few dollars more to see if it isn't the cheap processing and printing. Penn also is the place to check in the DC area for gear rentals.
  • Robert White
    The B&H of the UK, Robert White's prices are so good that keen US photographers have begun ordering their most costly equipment from England rather than from New York. If I purchase a large format or medium format system in the future, it will most likely be from Robert White. This is also a great place to get good deals on other expensive items like Gitzo tripods or Arca-Swiss ball heads.
  • US Naval Observatory Sun and Moon Data
    Before I bought my Garmin 60CS, I used this site to find out exact sunrise and sunset times and locations.
  • Wimberley Tripod Heads
    Clay and David Wimberley ran a little machining shop in Winchester, Virginia. They designed and built a custom "gimbal-type" tripod head that took off like wildfire and became the standard for long lens shooters all over the world. They also make quick-release clamps and flash brackets. They provide excellent service, going so far as to lend out their products for free for up to two months to potential buyers.
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