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Lincoln Memorial and Memorial Bridge The District of Columbia

This page contains photos from the Travel pages that were taken in and around Washington, DC. I have been a resident of the District for nearly eight years now, my entire working life. This is a long time in a city known for its impermanence, where the directors of the primary industry change every few years.

DC is interesting in that it is a relatively large and assuredly important city, yet it manages to maintain an intimate feel of a smaller community. The longer I stay here, the more I realize that the city is not as transient as I initially thought, that there are plenty of longtime District residents who have absolutely no intention of leaving. Regulations limiting the maximum height of construction to about eight stories also helps keep a small-city feel.

It could take a lifetime of shooting to capture everything this city has to offer, and I have not concentrated nearly enough on subjects close to home. Most of my DC shots are from the typical locations, but I hope to expand into lesser-shot areas soon.

Currently, there are 24 shots on the Washington page.

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