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Shooting the sunset at Mykonos, Greece My background

Photography is one of those things that I began on a whim and soon found myself in over my head. I started taking pictures "seriously" about six years ago, after buying a digital camera. I was more curious about the gadgetry than in photography or art, and consumer digital cameras were a relatively new thing. But I caught the bug quickly, bought a better film camera, read perhaps a hundred books on photography, attended seminars, shot thousands of images, and shared photos and made friends all over the country with other photographers, beginners to professionals. I became much more interested in the art of photography than in the technical aspects of it. Today, I shoot mostly with a large format film camera and digital SLR. Most of the photos on this site, however, are from the earlier years, when I shot exclusively on 35mm slide film. I've included a list of what I use and used, for those who are interested.

Photography is a wonderful pastime. Both relaxing and invigorating, it motivates you to go outside, to see the small things in nature, and to travel more. It has quickly become one of my favorite ways to spend my time.

Shooting the shoreline at Pt. Reyes, California About this site

Most of the photos on this site were taken when I was shooting 35mm film, from about 1999 through 2003. During that time, I occasionally scanned and sent my favorite shots to friends and family. This proved to be pretty time-consuming, so I decided to make a web site to cut my upload time to just once per image and giving visitors the freedom to choose which pictures they wanted to see.

After I started sharing my photos and web address with more people, I realized I did not want to share a bunch of personal or family photos, so I decided to make a more generic site. I registered a domain name and put these pages up. I have tried to keep it all fairly simple. All of the pages were all written with Notepad, and the scans were all processed here at home.

Use of photos on this site

  • On the web: Not-for-profit organizations and individuals. Generally, I provide free use of the JPGs on this site by not-for-profit organizations and individuals -- provided I am contacted, notified of the intended use, and given credit: (c) Brian Kennedy /
  • For-profit organizations and individuals. Contact me for pricing information and terms and conditions of use. Specify the intended use and the preferred image format and size. Almost all of the photos on this site were shot on professional transparency film, so I can provide originals or dupes as needed.
  • Print sales. I mat and frame my own archival prints. I used to offer them for sale, but I rarely do this anymore since my wife and I had our first child and my free time diminished drastically. If you are really interested in a print, let me know and perhaps we can work something out.
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Landscape, wildlife, and travel photography. All images on this site (c) Brian Kennedy.
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