Blue and White

This is one of my favorite shots from Greece. At first, it wasn't one I particularly liked. I tried several shots like this while I was out there, and I suppose I felt as if I never achieved the "perfect shot" I had in mind. After my friend Gary Jean, an excellent photographer from Germany, saw this one and told me it was his favorite from my trip, I started thinking, "You know, he's right." I have since shown it to several other people and they all seem to like it. So now I do, too. I have a large print hanging in my living room. Funny how my own opinion can be so tied to what others think.

This is a Greek Orthodox church in Firostefani, Santorini. The domes, the bell tower, and the colors in general remind me of the Greek islands. The Aegean Sea is in the background. One thing that still bothers me about this shot is the uneven polarization of the sky, an effect of the wide angle lens.

LENS: 17-35 at ~24mm | FILM: Fuji Provia 100F | EXPOSURE: f/22 at 1/?", polarizer | DATE: 09/00

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