Ring-billed Gull

A Ring-billed Gull in its long call posture. It's easy enough to guess what that term means, but if you can't guess, the "long call" is the primary vocal signal gulls make to other gulls. The posture of gulls' long calls are illustrated in David Sibley's excellent Sibley Guide to Birds, if anyone is interested.

This is probably a breeding gull, distinguished by its bright red orbital ring and red gape, the fleshy area at the corners of the mouth. Usually, the eyering and gape are more pale and not particularly noticeable.

This was taken from my car window near Tom's Cove in Chincoteague NWR, Virginia.

LENS: 500/4 | FILM: Fuji Provia 100F | EXPOSURE: f/4 at 1/?" | DATE: 03/01

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