Spanish Steps Sunset

Just after sunset, from the top of the Spanish Steps. I took this from the same spot as the silhouetted dome photos, albeit with a much wider lens. You can see the domes on the horizon in the right third of the frame.

This is one of my favorite shots from Rome because of the incredible colors and the dynamism of the angles and cloud movement, but nobody else I've shown it to seems to like it.

A note for photo geeks: I shoot lots of night city photos with tiny apertures and long exposures. I do that for two reasons. First, because a very small aperture creates stars from point light sources as the light bends around the aperture blades. The second reason is that any people walking through the frame do not show up unless they stand still for a very long time. For example, in this picture, dozens of people walked in front of the camera while the shutter was open.

LENS: 17-35 at ~17mm | FILM: Fuji Velvia | EXPOSURE: f/22 at 5 minutes | DATE: 10/03

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