Roman Sunset

Some of the domes of Rome silhouetted against a particularly colorful sunset. I composed this shot in three different ways and could not decide among them, so I posted all three to the site. I cannot identify the domes, but the Vatican was too far away for any of them to be Saint Peter's. There are so many domes and churches in Rome that it still is difficult for me to identify them now from a map.

The dome on the right is actually a few domes overlapping; this is more obvious in the other compositions, here and here.

I took this shot from the top of the Spanish Steps. A woman walked up to us as I was shooting this and asked in broken English, "Isn't it beautiful? I am Roman, but I never tire of the beauty of this city."

A note for photography geeks: This is Velvia, as is one of the other two compositions. You can see the slightly better shadow detail and cooler colors rendered by Provia 100F in this shot (the first one linked above), which is essentially the same exposure.

LENS: 100-400 at ~200mm | FILM: Fuji Velvia | EXPOSURE: f/11 at 1/?" | DATE: 10/03

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