Ponte Vecchio

One of my favorite shots from Florence. This is the famous Ponte Vecchio, or "Old Bridge."

Originally built in 1345, this is the oldest bridge spanning the Arno. There used to be several, but the Germans blew up the others during World War II. All of the "houses" built into the bridge are shops. They originally were occupied by blacksmiths, butchers, and tanners, who found the river a convenient place to dispose of waste. The situation got so bad that Duke Ferdinando I evicted all of the tenants in 1593 and replaced them with jewelers and goldsmiths. Not only do jewelers and goldsmiths smell better, but they could afford higher rents, too. The bridge has housed expensive jewelry shops ever since.

LENS: 28-70 at ~50mm | FILM: Fuji Velvia | EXPOSURE: f/22 at 5 minutes | DATE: 10/03

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