Forster's Tern

Bolsa Chica Preserve in Southern California is home to lots of these terns, and it was a fun experience photographing them. I had hoped for a good flight shot, but was not able to get one. I was pleased, however to get some very close portraits, especially on this tern, since it was banded (not all were). This was taken at much closer than the closest focus point of the lens, requiring extension tubes.

Terns fly above the water and plunge-dive directly in to feed. You can see water droplets on this tern's head. He had been feeding before resting on the rail of the bridge, where I shot this.

LENS: 500/4 + 2x + 37mm extension | FILM: Fuji Provia 100F | EXPOSURE: f/8 at 1/15", polarizer | DATE: 05/01

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